So, do you ever wonder how educators keep up to date on what is going on in the education world - and beyond? One way is by following other educators and those with similar interests on Twitter. You're right; there has been questionable use of this tool in the news lately, but it's worth a look. You may be surprised at the great benefits it offers.

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35 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

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  • Retweet (RT): When you see something good, share it with others!
  • Tweet: Post your message in 140 characters (or less) -- research, news stories, reports, successes, challenges.
  • @username: send an open message to a specific person
  • DM: Direct Message - send a message to a specific person (others will not be able to see the message, but always remember that there is no such thing as private on the Internet).
  • Hashtag: Use this to transmit tweets to groups. Then others can search for that hashtag to easily see what members are tweeting. Hashtags begin with the # sign.

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