The Thinkfinity resource portal is now closed. You can still access all of the resources, but will have to go to each content provider separately:

Thinkfinity is an online web portal (sponsored by Verizon) that is a one-stop shop for K - 12 educators, students, and parents looking for educational resources. It is FREE, easy to use, has no login or password, and offers over 55,000 resources including lesson plans, maps, worksheets, interactive games, calendars, video clips, audio clips and many others. Thinkfinity is partnered with nine of the most prestigious educational associations in the nation and all materials submitted for acceptance in Thinkfinity must first be reviewed and approved by a panel of educational experts.

Highlighted sites for English/Language Arts

Literary Graffiti
Resource in a lesson
Subject-verb agreement

Thinkfinity Content Providers for English/Language Arts


Highlighted sites for Math

Factor Game
Equivalent Fractions
Shape Tool
Number Cruncher

Additional Resources

ReadWriteThink with Marge Runkle