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  • Nov 18, 2014
    Comments:Receive a non-fiction current events newsletter weekly with accompanying comprehension questions and activities. - sarahartlaubTags: social studies, math, elementary, intermediate, language artsby: sarahartlaub
  • Civil War Quilt May 14, 2013
    Comments:"Mr. Wimmer’s Spring 2013 Advanced Placement United States History class was commissioned to create a quilt representing the contributors and causes of the Civil War. After studying the Antebellum Period, the class chose to represen...
  • Nordonia Hills City Schools Curriculum - LiveBinder Apr 4, 2013
    Comments:Many resources aligned to Common Core - Ann Baum (Johnston)Tags: resources, livebinder, CommonCore, common core, ELA, world_languages, math, science, social studies, physical education, art, ELL, profdev, assessment, gifted, worldlanguage...
  • Teacher Resources | Library of Congress Nov 7, 2012
    Comments:Find Library of Congress lesson plans and more that meet Common Core standards, state content standards, and the standards of national organizations. - Bryan TaymanTags: math, social studies, science, intermediate, high school, elementary...
  • Resources | OLE Election Series Oct 9, 2012
    Comments:"Looking for Quality Election Education Material? Check out our Free OLE Election 2012 Activity Pack that’s filled with lessons, videos, activities and all you need for teaching the 2012 election." - Ann Baum (Johnston)Tags: lesson_...
  • OLE 2012 Election Series Oct 9, 2012
    Comments:"Pearson is also offering free learning resources tied to the upcoming U.S. presidential election, including a continually updated "Election Series" blog with classroom activities and ideas, a calendar of events, profiles of the president...
  • Bring Learning to Life (Common Sense Media) Oct 3, 2012
    Comments:"A guide to apps, games, and websites that inspire and enrich - Search for apps, video games, and websites within the guide -- first by age, then by subject and skill. Added "Bright Idea" tips will give you smart, concrete ideas abou...
  • Beyond the Bubble Sep 13, 2012
    Comments:"Beyond the Bubble unlocks the vast digital archive of the Library of Congress to create a new generation of history assessments. Developed by the Stanford History Education Group (, Beyond the Bubble is the corne...
  • Timelines: Sources from History Aug 9, 2012
    Tags: social studies, language arts, timelines, sources, history, English, brit_lit_research, brit_litby: Marge Runkle
  • Home | The American Revolution Center Jul 18, 2012
    Comments:Timeline and other resources on the American revolution. - John SengiaTags: history, AmericanRevolution, timeline, socialstudies, AmericanHistory, social studiesby: John Sengia
  • Google World Wonders Project Jul 18, 2012
    Comments:Google Street view of Antarctica, Palaces, Castles, and more. - John SengiaTags: google, Geography, maps, world, socialstudies, social studies, history, social_studies, googlemapsby: John Sengia
  • Civil War Reenvisioned - Battlefield Art - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine Apr 30, 2012
    Comments:The world came to understand the Civil War through the eyes of battlefield artists. Living alongside the troops, combat illustrators risked death, injury, and disease to convey the blow-by-blow of battle with pencil and pen, charcoal, and...
  • Civil War to Civil Rights - Time Line - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine Apr 30, 2012
    Comments:Timeline from National Geographic - Civil War to Civil Rights. - John SengiaTags: timeline, history, civil war, social_studies, civil rights, civilwar, slavery, socialstudies, social studies, high school, intermediateby: John Sengia
  • Learn21 Apr 12, 2012
    Comments:Educational games arranged by content area and grade level. - John SengiaTags: interactive, math, Social Studies, Science, language arts, ca, art, music, reading, English, intermediate, elementary, high schoolby: John Sengia
  • TimeMaps - World History Atlas Apr 8, 2012
    Tags: History, timemaps, atlas, social studies, world, socialstudies, maps, social_studiesby: Marge Runkle
  • Mapping - National Geographic Education Jan 3, 2012
    Comments:National Geographic Mapping resources. Online map making tools ideal for geography projects for students to label rivers, capitols, and/or points of interest. maps can be downloaded as an image or PDF file. - John SengiaTags: social studi...
  • Spotzi, spot, zoom in and explore Jan 3, 2012
    Comments:Maps that show statistics for climate, health, CO2 emissions, and select wildlife species. - John SengiaTags: maps, geology, data, map, geography, social studies, science, high school, intermediate, history, earth science, biomes, animals...
  • Veterans National Education Program Nov 2, 2011
    Comments:V-NEP, producers of Women in the Military, is now in your classroom via PAIUnet's Keystone on Demand. Available is their free, U.S. Modern History Curriculum, complete with films, lesson plans, activities and quizzes! - Ann Baum (Johnston...
  • Greenwich - Microsoft Research Oct 26, 2011
    Comments:Timeline tool coming out from Microsoft. Looks similar to Dippity, interested to see what advantages it may have. - John SengiaTags: microsoft, timeline, social studies, social_studies, socialstudies_activities, language arts, high school...
  • DE Tools of the Trade Jul 3, 2011
    Tags: tools, resources, web2.0, education, technology, coastmetroict, elearning, social studies, science, elementary, high schoolby: Marge Runkle