Keystone Commons

Keystone Commons is an integrated social learning site built upon the Elgg platform. The site provides many social networking tools such as blogs, wikis, social bookmarks, and a micro-blogger. The tool allows teachers, students and others to share documents and media, form work groups, communicate, collaborate and create. See your district Keystone Commons Administrator for naming protocol.
Keystone Commons is brought to our districts through the PAIUnet, which is a statewide VPN backbone that connects IU operated regional WANs and their constituent school districts. All districts, IU’s, and vo-techs participate (approximately 596 entities), except for 27.
Click here to access Keystone Commons. Click here for a video tutorial of Keystone Commons.


A few guidelines:
  • Teachers must use their first and last name and add information to their profile.
  • District Naming protocol: Creating_Accts_KC.pdf
  • All content is visible to others.
  • All users are expected to report inappropriate material.
  • Only educators may create groups.
  • Add the tag "IU12" to any group that is created in Keystone Commons.
  • Tags are comma separated, i.e. IU12, social networking.